Smart Way to Clean Corrosion Causing Soluble Salts-- Salt-Klean

An International Distributor of Corrosion Control Systems

Salt-Klean is a stocking distributor of the world's leading soluble salt remover system which includes the solutions to clean them as well as the field test kits to validate the surfaces are really clean.

Our main product line, ChlorRid- offers you

   -- extending life cycle meaning not need to re-do as often
   -- cost effective in terms of $$$, time, and main purpose
   -- environmentally safer than alternatives including for staff
   -- actually work to FIX and not temporarily seem to work
   -- 20-plus years of field service
"Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence" --Anon
As an example of our added value to your operations, consider the painting industry's "visual standards" approach. This photo shows their satisfactorily cleaned surfaces that are in fact NOT clean of SOLUBLE SALTS that will cause premature failures. Our CHLOR--RID SOLUBLE SALT REMOVER does clean surfaces.
dynamic_desert_blue_salt_klean001008.gif dynamic_desert_blue_salt_klean001006.gif dynamic_desert_blue_salt_klean001004.gif dynamic_desert_blue_salt_klean001002.gif